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As one of the oldest universities of the country, Jadavpur University, and its students have a certain duty - the duty to give back to society across all disciplines and inculcate the habit of thinking in every individual who comes along. The IEEE Jadavpur University Student Branch is one little endeavor in that process. Founded in 2010, we belong to the Kolkata section of Region 10 of the organization. One of the most active student branches in our section, we are dedicated to furthering technical and entrepreneurial innovations through hands-on interactive sessions. With large scale events and intimate, basic workshops, we try to keep something happening all year round - so that the fire of knowledge, learning and innovation never burns out. In this process of sharing our love for technology, we have slowly grown, met new people, evolved as a group and built around us, a community of like-minded individuals who are driven by a passion for learning and giving back to society..

Student Branch Chapters

Computer Society
Students Branch Chapter, C16

Chapter Adviser : Sarmistha Neogy
Chapter Code : SBC06831B

Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
Students Branch Chapter, MTT17

Chapter Adviser : Bhaskar Gupta
Chapter Code : SBC06831A

Industry Application
Students Branch Chapter, IA34

Chapter Adviser : Shivam Abhilash
Chapter Code : SBC06831C

Engineering in Medical and Biology Society
Students Branch Chapter, EMB18

Chapter Adviser : Piyali Basak
Chapter Code : SBC06831B


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