About Us

As one of the oldest universities of the country, Jadavpur University, and its students have a certain duty - the duty to give back to society across all disciplines and inculcate the habit of thinking in every individual who comes along. The IEEE Jadavpur University Student Branch is one little endeavor in that process. Founded in 2010, we belong to the Kolkata section of Region 10 of the organization. One of the most active student branches in our section, we are dedicated to furthering technical and entrepreneurial innovations through hands-on interactive sessions. With large scale events and intimate, basic workshops, we try to keep something happening all year round - so that the fire of knowledge, learning and innovation never burns out. In this process of sharing our love for technology, we have slowly grown, met new people, evolved as a group and built around us, a community of like-minded individuals who are driven by a passion for learning and giving back to society.

Our Mission

Advancing Technology for Humanity and ensuring a true bond of commitment towards a better future.

Our Vision

Creating a platform where students would get a chance to interact with researchers and industrial people in the respective fields of their interest

Our Activities

Conducting various events like seminars, workshops, paper presentations, and tech quizzes, where students work, cooperate, coordinate and compete to, develop their intellectual as well as professional skills

About Event

ElevateX is an all-in-one mentoring session by IEEE JU SB members. Be it research or industry, be it competitive coding, electronics or soft skill development, we have tracks tailor-made for your needs, complete with doubt-clearing, quick contests, real-world problems and webinars by field experts. While you’re stuck in the middle of a pandemic, locked up at home, this is our way of helping you engage yourself in something productive!


Higher Education and Research

However intimidating the thought maybe, we are expected to figure out what we wish to do for the rest of our lives, in the first few years of college itself. For many of us, higher education in a good university is a dream, fuelled by our passion for learning. They say the first step to this is taking part in good research projects in our undergraduate years. Conducted by the ones who have ‘been there, done that’, this session aims to answer all your doubts, bust some myths and take you closer to your dreams.

Software, Programming, Competitive Coding

Congratulations on choosing tech as a profession at a time when it is at its most dynamic stage. There is so much happening all around, and programming is not about sitting at a desk and typing codes all your life anymore. This is a powerful tool and needs to be mastered by you. Jump on, and we’ll ensure that you’re a part of the team that’ll build the future.


Have you fallen in love with circuits and breadboards? Do you find yourself to be the happiest while you’re solving Kirchoff’s Law or tinkering with BJTs? Hold on, for there’s a lot more in store for you. Sharpen your skills, meet people who share your interest and explore the bigger world!

Soft Skills and Interview Experience

You may not know this yet, but the one factor determining your professional and personal success (and the balance in between), above your IQ and technical expertise, is how much you’re adept at soft skills. How you face an interview panel, how you sign off a mail, how you talk to a colleague - little things that speak volumes about you. Let’s be honest here - a crash course doesn’t change you overnight. But gift yourself a good start, for the process will belong. We shall tell you where the problem lies, and how you can begin to correct yourself.


Miri Rodriguez

Global head of Internships, Microsoft
Personal Branding

Sandeep Jain

Founder, Geeks for Geeks
Cracking the Dream Software Engineering Job

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