Anita Sengupta

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Anita Sengupta

Hyperloop. Curiosity. Cold Atom Laboratory. Decent CV,eh? As we the students of IEEE Jadavpur University SB celebrate the life and works of women in the fields of science and technology, we unveil another face: Anita Sengupta. Born in Glasgow, Anita’s story is typical of how most of us fell in love with space and science: Star Trek of course. Graduating in aerospace and mechanical engineering from University of Southern California, she went on to work as the lead systems engineer of the team that developed the revolutionary supersonic parachute system that was deployed during the landing of Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity.She was subsequently the project manager of the Cold Atom Laboratory at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech. She was then the Senior Vice President of Systems Engineering at Virgin Hyperloop One. Embracing engineering extremes, from the design of a probe for scorching-hot Venus, to Mars parachutes that deploy at twice the speed of sound, to experiments that will travel 17,150 mph in free-fall around Earth, onboard the International Space Station, Anita has clearly stuck to her own words, “The sky is not the limit, only the beginning.” Women in Science and Tech Series (6/7)


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