Debjani Ghosh

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Debjani Ghosh

As we come to the end of the Women in Science and Tech Series, we would like to end on a strong note. Our inspiration for today is the current president of NASSCOM, Ms. Debjani Ghosh. Born on October 13,1988 in Bangladesh, she is a researcher in the University of Ulm, Germany. With a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering and a master’s in electrical power engineering from RWTH Aachen University, it was always her intention to work with environmental friendly technology and renewable sources. She has made great advancement in this field and launched a HY4 aircraft which was the world’s first fully hydrogen fuel cell system powered aircraft. She is a strong believer in equal opportunities, and regarded as a champion for diversity and equality in corporate India. She believes that leadership is not about designation, gender or power, but about being the best version of oneself and inspiring others to be the same. Debjani was the first female Country Head for Intel in India and the first female MAIT President. She has been ranked by Fortune India as one of the top 20 Most Powerful Women in Business in India for 5 consecutive years, since 2012. Women in Science and Tech Series (7/7)


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