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Time to brew your coffee and revisit your Spotify while we set the stage and tune our microphones. A specially curated series of weekly podcasts to warm up your winter weekends, keep your eyes on PASS THE MIC.

5-week Podcast Series

A series of five weekly podcasts to be released in the weekends starting soon.

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Handpicked and assorted topics and talks from one of the pioneers in the field, directly on your Spotify playlists.

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Decoding India's fake news factory

In conversation with Pratik Sinha

Did you Know? Around 59.8% of news is spread through online platforms. But deeply interlinked with technological developments, “disinformation” and “misinformation” have become pervasive in our news bubbles. In most countries, people cannot distinguish between fake and real news.

IEEE Jadavpur University Student Branch presents you PASS THE MIC - a podcast series and we are proud to start the journey with Pratik Sinha, Co-founder of Alt News.

Tune in to get some insight into his rise as the face of the fact-checking scene in India, the stressful life of a fact-checker. Learn about some tips and tricks to navigate your way through the dark alleys of online content so that you can come out trumps in those stubborn WhatsApp debates.

Decrypting Cyber Security

In conversation with Sanket Sarkar

Though there has been a 37% increase in cyberattacks in India, 93% of the breaches could have been avoided by taking simple steps. Isn't that a staggering number? "But how exactly?" many would ponder.

To answer all the questions that came up in your mind right after we brought those numbers, IEEE Jadavpur University Student Branch brings you Pass The Mic with Sanket Sarkar, Founder & CEO at Teamcognito and cybersecurity evangelist.

Grab your coffee as we dive deep into the unknown territories of the cyber world and the steps one can take to avert cybersecurity lapses. This is going to be quite a journey starting from handling cyber threats safely to a roadmap to cybersecurity. IEEE JU SB presents Pass the Mic featuring Sanket Sarkar.

Technology in Astronomy

In conversation with Debiprasad Duari

What is space? What exactly are stars? Is there any connection between the stars with the earth? And finally how was the solar system millions of year ago?

Do these questions pop up in your head frequently? If they do, we might have just the podcast you need.

Who else can explain us about the astronomy and the technologies used in this field better than Dr.Debiprasad Duari? He is presently the Director of Kolkata Birla Planetarium and Honorary Faculty, Physics Department, Presidency College.

Sit tight as IEEE Jadavpur Universty student branch brings you Pass The Mic- a podcast series with Dr. Debiprasad Duari, explaining how a series of cosmic accidents have brought us where we are right now and the technological advancements in astronomy which has lead to the recent theoretical developments in one of the most interesting fields of science.

Learning by Teaching

In conversation with Brandon Foltz

In a survey about practice time per week for high school athletes, 22% practice 1 hour, 40% practice 2 hours, 25% practice 3 hours, 10% practice 4 hours and 3% practice more than 4 hours.......

Hold on, thats too much data.

Is this your reaction when you are thrown with a statistics question? Well then keep reading!

I mean this post coz IEEE Jadavpur University Student Branch brings you another episode of Pass The Mic-a podcast series and this time it is Brandon Foltz. Famed for his brilliant YouTube tutorials on Stats, he is currently Senior Learning Designer- Decision Sciences and Finance at Cengage Learning.

Jump in on our latest podcast as we discuss his journey from a learner to a teacher, his fascination with the subject along with his views on post-Covid education.

Our Speakers

Pratik Sinha

CEO, AltNews

Sanket Sarkar

Founder & CEO, Teamcognito

Debiprasad Duari

Director, Kolkata Birla Planetarium

Brandon Foltz

YouTuber and Senior Lead Designer, Cengage Learning


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